•   Technical Review of the Preliminary Engineering Report (PER)

•   Develop Design Parameters in the Form of Record of Decisions Action

     Items (ROA i)

•   Public Meetings with the Developers,Owners , & Stakeho lders

•   Design Rev iews & Studies to Complete the Final Des ign

•   Constructability Rev iew

•   Schedu le Milestones

Sub-Categories of Project Management Include, but Are Not Limited to:

•  Cost Estimates

• Progressive Reviews

•  Assist in the bidding for the Project Construc tion & Implementation

• Bid Analysis

•  Con tract Award

•  Qua lity Control & Assurance - Associated with Every Sub-Category

Sub-Categories of Construction Management Include, but Are Not Limited to:

•   Pre-Construction Meetings with the Contractor

•   Stakeho lder Services

•   Notice to Proceed for Const ruction

•   On-Site Inspections

•   Progress Meetings

•   Scheduling

•   Progress Payments

•   Change Orders

•   Reso lving Design & Construct ion Interface Issues

•   Subs tantial Comp leti on

•   Inspections at Every Stage

•   Coo rdinat ion with Local, State, & Federal Agencies for Comp liance

•   Repor ts

•   Project Closeouts