About Our Company & Services

Development Projects : Current Projects include Development of Commercial Retail Center ( Design & Construction) Cost : $ 2-5 Million. Construction Inspeciton : Currently providing inspection & construction monitoring ser viceson Multi-Million Dollar Infrastructure Projects ( City & Private Utilities). Proposals for providing Construction Phase Servicesfor Joint Venture Projects of Utility Upgrades and New Utilities. Proposals for M/WBE participation in the monitoring of SCADA ser vices to the Prime Consultants for Water/Wastewater projects.
At LAVALIER PROFESS IONAL SERVICES LLC,we care about the state of your project in the Houston area. From inspection to document cont rol, Our skilled team is here for you from beginning to end. All of our services are time and material basis. We strive hourly or on to deliver on time & within the budget.

Reliable Project & Construction Management Services